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Direct Mail Marketing Consultation


Book Publishing Consultation

Sales letter writing and data base creation. This service will target your existing or new customers, have a professionally written letter and increase sales results!

Design and implement loyalty programs for repeat business.

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How to get your book published without spending tens of thousands of dollars, and getting it printed and distributed world wide!

Discover how easy it is call or email now! Get your free Publishing guide with the consultation!

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Sales Training
Marketing Performance Consultation

Want fast results in personal selling Guaranteed?

Want to increase sales?

Want to save time?

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Sales & Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Organisations mission
  • Market segment (target market)
  • Customer and Competitor based assessment
  • Positioning Statement (purpose)
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Time line for marketing objectives
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Products/Services
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • People
  • Processes
  • Physical Evidence
  • Cash flow
  • Feed back metrics
  • Potential Conflicts
  • Planned Actions to engage stake holder’s support
  • Implementation plan

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What this service is:
This is a verbal consultation, which may lead to the development and implementation of a Marketing plan. However this will be determined and agreed upon after the consultation.This service is much like seeing any professional such as a Lawyer, Accountant.

To give you the best possible advice we need to conduct a business problem solving needs analysis.
In this business problem solving analysis we will review the following areas:

1) Product - Benefits, Technical and Safety features Design, Quality and Range.
2) Price - The target shelf price to the consumer, how it compares with others and what it includes.
3) Promotions - Sales promotions, Advertising, Public relations, Publicity, Sponsorship, Branding, Merchandising, Packages and display.
4) Place - Handling, Warehousing, Transportation, Channels of Distribution and retail Outlets.
5) People - The Company’s staff with their knowledge, skills and attitudes, Sales force, Level of service to meet customer and consumer needs and desires.
6) Processes - Efficiency of doing business.
7) Physical Evidence - Tangible things that reflect the attitude of the organisation towards the customer, e.g. product information sheets.

What this service can do for you:
·          Improve image
·          Increase sales
·          Save time
·          Save money
·          Improve operations
·          Increase profit

The objective of this consultation is to help you achieve your business goals of a better business.

The cost for this service is $300 per hour, however this price is negotiable as we aim to provide you with value for money and fit within your budget.

Note: A volume of hours discount may be negotiated. You may also receive one hour consultation free if you buy a marketing list with the value of 1000 dollars or more.

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