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The Effective Sales Skills Training


(21.8 M download)
Price: $30.00
Price (inc GST): $30.00

Manuals (Hard Copy)

Price: $299.00
Price (exc GST): $271.82

Manuals (Electronic)

Price: $199.00
Price (exc GST): $180.91


A practical manual to vastly improve your sales skills! Step by step help at your finger tips.


To provide you with practical sales skills, experience and understanding which will give you the opportunity to improve the quality of your communications of your day to day life. To also be used as a training tool for your staff, this will save you thousands of dollars per year training your staff.


Who should have this manual?

Real estate agents, Car sales people, Universities, Tafe colleges, Business colleges, Sales Managers, Sales Trainers, businesses who want to train their staff whether they have no experience or are top gun sales people, and everybody in a sales environment.

Discover selling techniques you will love! This is a one of a kind sales training tool, designed to get excellent results in selling. If you want easier sales, buy it now! This will mean more money, and less stress. It has been tried and tested, which means it is proven to work.

If you want an Effective Training tool for your business, then you should buy it. If you do buy it you will be saving thousands of dollars per year in sales training, and at the same time increasing your company's productivity which means more money for you. If you want fast results and a tool which will improve your communication skills in business and your personal life then buy it.

This manual has been created by an author who has been taught by National Sales Trainers and National Sales Managers, with over 30 years combined experience. This means that you will be saving yourself years of selling the wrong way, make the right choice today to sell more buy it now.Hurry while stocks last!! 

30 Day Guarrantee!!!

This product has a 30  day guarantee,Which means if you don't get any results after 30 days you will receive a 1 hour training session free worth $300 dollars.

This is a exclusive guarantee which is only offered  through EAS.

This product is also available at http://www.amazon.com  www.angusrobertson.com.au  http://www.seekbooks.comwww.barnesnoble.com www.googlebooks.com www.allbookstores.com www.abebooks.com  

You may also find out more by doing a Google search on Tom Karevski
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