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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who needs a marketing consultant?
  2. Why you should use a marketing consultant?
  3. What is a marketing consultant?
1) Who needs a marketing consultant?
Businesses and companies, not for profit organisations, sporting teams and so on.

As you can see many entities need marketing, whether your selling a product a service or a message, you're selling!
2) Why you should use a marketing consultant?
Right now you are asking you self this very question. And I will tell you why, the reason is time. Most business people spend more hours working in their business instead of on their business.

I think you would agree if you had the time to work on building your business, you would be making more money than now. Since you don't have the time, let a professional help you build it to where you want it to be.

Imagine if you were free of running your business, you would have more time to spend with your partner, kids or that special person in your life. By emailing me now you will be making the right choice to a better business and personal life.
3) What is a marketing consultant?
All professional Marketing Consultants use the 7 p's principal (also known as the marketing mix) to create the right marketing mix, this will create a synergy in your operations which will help your business run smoothly.

The 7 p's of Marketing are:

1) Product - Benefits, Technical and Safety features, Design, Quality and Range.
2) Price - The target shelf price to the consumer, how it compares with others and what it includes.
3) Promotions - Sales promotions, Advertising, Public relations, Publicity, Sponsorship, Branding, Merchandising, Packages and display.
4) Place - Handling, Warehousing, Transportation, Channels of Distribution and retail Outlets.
5) People - The company's staff with their knowledge, skills and attitudes, Sales force, Level of service to meet customer and consumer needs and desires.
6) Processes - Efficiency of doing business.
7) Physical Evidence - Tangible things that reflect the attitude of the organisation towards the customer, e.g. product information sheets

When you get the right marketing mix, your business will be operating at its maximum level. Put simply a marketing consultant shows business ways of improving the above listed areas. Sounds like a lot of work right? It is so, why not get a us to save you time doing it?

If you work for yourself or have a little budget you must be able to master all of these areas to have a great business. So the choice should be clear that you need a consultant to help you in these areas, right? Then call or email now!